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Communicating Clearly in the Information Age

We live in the Age of Information. Without clear communication, however, information remains but a collection of facts and ideas. A clear, accurate message ensures that the information you need or want to communicate is understood by those who need or want it.

Although we use many means to transfer information, most communication begins with written words. If you have the facts -- or even just an idea -- I can write the message that communicates most effectively to your audience. For more than 30 years, I have been writing nonfiction in a number of forms on a variety of subjects.

I have also been editing nonfiction, technical, and scholarly materials for more than 20 years and can work with you at any stage of your writing to ensure that your message is clear, accurate, and effective.

Not sure whether you need a writer or an editor? Try a process of self-diagnosis, or contact me for an assessment of your communication needs. As a professional communicator, I provide the prescription for clear communication.